The Khumbu Icefall

Dear Family & Friends,

Immediately across from Everest BC is the formidable looking ‘Khumbu Icefall’.

When climbing Everest from the South, the Nepal side, there’s no avoiding the icefall and in many ways it is considered the most dangerous part of the climb.

EBC tents with the Khumbu Icefall in the background

Above the icefall is a huge valley known as the ‘Western Cwm’ (pronounced ‘coom’) and as snow and ice compacted in this valley is carried down over the bedrock it fragments, creating a mess of countless crevasses and broken chunks of ice, some as big as 4 story buildings  – the ‘Khumbu Icefall’.

Every Everest season a group of sherpas known as the ‘Icefall Doctors’ are charged with finding and maintaining a route through this frozen, but unstable, high altitude maze.

Can you find the route through the icefall?

Our first load carry through the icefall to C1 will be on April 13th.

Matt & Soren

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