EBC lassitude.

Dear Family & Friends,

After 3 days of slothfulness at EBC we realised there’s such a thing as too much rest and as we both suffered from medium to severe cases of ‘high altitude lassitude’ we figured it was about time we ventured further than 50m from our dining tent…!

Our first effort on the 21st was sluggish at best, but we did manage to make our way down to Gorak Shep, via Pumori BC, for lunch.

However, our second outing yesterday was excellent and confirmed our theory that up here you’ve got to stay active to feel good. We left camp mid morning and it took 1½ hrs to reach Pumori C1 @ 5700m; the views were outstanding and we got some great photos of Everest and surrounding peaks.

EBC & Khumbu Icefall

Everest, South Col & Lhotse

Everest & South Summit

North Col, Everest, South Col, Lhotse, Nuptse & EBC

Khumbu Icefall

Sumit, Lakpa and their 4 members, Alan, Sharon, Chris & Raul, left for C1 early this morning, but Matt and I have decided to rest another day before heading back up the icefall tomorrow morning. We’re hoping that by waiting an extra day we can make sure the ropes are in place above C3 so we can do a load carry to the South Col/C4; by the sound of things the route will be open on the 29th -30th. We expect to spend around 7-8 days on the mountain, mainly based at C2, before we return to BC.

Remember – no news is good news.

We’re both well, feel strong and although we know there are a few days of hard work ahead of us we can’t wait to get stuck in.

Matt & Soren

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