Base camp is melting…!

Dear Family & Friends,

Base camp is melting away….!

As soon as the sun hits in the morning, rivers of melt water starts forming around and under our camp. The sound of running water increase during the day and slowly the carefully constructed rock-beds on which our tents are placed are being undermined, the ground becoming uneven and running repairs are required to stop us from sliding down the valley.

Rocks and some massive boulders sit isolated on top of ice pinnacles/towers threatening to come tumbling down any minute. There is one particularly large rock immediately above my tent here at BC which is concerning me somewhat; the sherpas seem to think its not dangerous at all….

Should I be worried...?

The icefall is very different from when we first arrived and there are almost daily collapses requiring the urgent attention of the Icefall Doctors. The snow is turning to slush and what used to be solid ice-lakes on the glacier between BC and the icefall are now knee-deep ponds.

Some rich client finished his Everest expedition and chartered a helicopter from BC back to Kathmandu yesterday morning – great news for the rest of us as it’s a means of receiving fresh supplies…. 25kgs of chicken, a case of beer and big box of vegies to be exact!

Bon appetite!



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