It shall remain a dream

Dear Family & Friends,

3rd time lucky perhaps?     Absolutely no way – I’m spent with zero left in the tank!

My second summit attempt ground to a halt just below the Balcony (what is it with that place?) in the early hours on May 20th, Happy Birthday Jamilla!, when I had to face the fact that I had nothing left, that my strength failed me and no matter how I tried I just couldn’t fill my lungs with that precious oxygen. To me mountaineering has a lot to do with self-sufficiency and so you have to ask yourself the question; what’s the point of reaching the top – the halfway-point! – if you can’t get yourself all the way back down again?

I’d always wanted to try and climb Everest my way, on my own terms, with no guide and minimal, if any, Sherpa support – but in the end no matter how good your planning, acclimatisation, fitness, strength etc. you need a little bit of luck.

Long line of climbers crossing the Yellow Band heading towards the Geneva Spur and the South Col

Traversing beneath Lhotse towards the Geneva Spur

Crossing the Geneva Spur

C4 tents on the South Col

Climbers returning to South Col from the summit

I will close the door on my Everest adventure; close it gently but firmly! This was always going to be a one off expedition for me and no doubt there will be some tears for what could have been, but that’s all right; I know I did my hardest and tried my best.

Looking down into the Western Cwm from the South Col with Cho Oyu in the background

Crevasse in the Western Cwm

Clearing the mountain with all my stuff...

Sherpa in the icefall with rubbish load from the South Col

Looking back up the icefall one last time

Lake forming in the Khumbu Glacier

I’ll be leaving base camp for the 4-day trek to Lukla on the 23rd.

Back down in BC

Soren (who almost climbed Everest – twice)

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