Wrapping up.

Dear Family & Friends,

My Everest adventure is nearly at an end!

I left base camp as planned yesterday and hurried down the valley, dodging heavily laden yaks and trekkers with bipolar disorder, to the village of Pangpoche – I did not look back once. It is wonderful seeing greenery and trees again after so long amongst nothing but rocks, snow and ice.

This final dispatch is beamed to you from Namche and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for following this Everest blog – thank you for your prayers, thoughts and positive energy!

To Lakpa, Sumit and all the staff at Himalayan Ascent; thank you for a superb base camp setup. It was always a joy to return off the mountain to what was without a doubt the best/largest BC personal tent complete with 4-inch mattress and Tibetan rug!

Congratulations to all the members of the Himalayan Ascent team: Chris, Raul, Sharon and Al for reaching the top of Everest on May 20th.

Please have a read of Sharon’s blog on   http://www.climbingforacause.com.au/

Thank you of course to everyone at World X for your continuing support; Sue & Kate – the Dragon was with me the whole time.


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